The Kaplan Family Law Firm is a full-service law firm serving the greater Atlanta, Georgia area. We are dedicated to handling cases in divorce, child custody, visitation disputes, child support, parenting time, relocation, premarital agreements, paternity, and domestic violence.

The Kaplan Family Law Firm knows a divorce can be a difficult and confusing time for you and your family. It’s no surprise that you wouldn’t be seeking a family law attorney unless you were in a crisis. That’s why we devote the necessary time to you and your case to ensure that you have all the legal knowledge you need to make a well-informed decision. We believe personal attention and legal guidance are the keys to protecting your interests and preserving your peace of mind.

At The Kaplan Family Law Firm, we want the best for your family. By practicing exclusively in the field of family law, our clients know that we have the resources and the time to devote ourselves whole-heartedly to each case. Our clients have come to depend on our dedication, innovative strategies and continual professionalism.

By providing experienced, competent and ethical legal counsel, we offer our clients an objective and realistic approach to resolve their legal matters. As a team, we offer a commitment to the highest standards of service. Our goal is to be responsive to your needs. Our firm strives to minimize conflict and amicably resolve each case if at all possible. If an agreement is not reached we are ready to litigate.

Our firm most often represents high-asset and high income divorce clients throughout the state of Georgia. These cases involve complex issues: custody, financial, business valuation and tax disputes. We work with an extensive network of experts and legal support professionals to provide access to resources that best protect our client’s interests.