Are We Compatible?

Going through a divorce or any family law matter (child support, paternity, modification of custody, etc.) is one of the most difficult times in life. Kaplan Family Law, LLC is committed to doing everything possible to ease client’s stress. Your attorney should share and support your basic philosophy and values. At the same time, it is essential to have an attorney be a reality check and advise clients when their position will not be accepted by the court.

You need to consider the following issues:

Do you want a lawyer practicing solely in family law and handles less than twelve clients at a time so you receive personal attention to your matter?
Ronne has handled family law cases for many years. Law has become more and more specialized, as is medicine. It is not possible to keep up with the most recent changes in the law, new laws and developments in numerous areas. Family law is changing constantly, and lawyers need to maintain their knowledge base. Ronne has limited her practice to family law so that she is able to be “on top” with cutting edge issues and solutions.

Each client has Ronne’s personal cell phone number. Clients do not need to worry about a potential issue and not be able to sleep. A family lawyer cannot waive a “magic wand” to make the problems go away; but a lawyer can help ease client’s anxieties by easing their concerns.

If you want a lawyer who will be available in an emergency 24/7 Ronne is the lawyer for you. Ronne works with a select group of clients to resolve their family law matters and then move on to the next phase of their life in a positive manner.

Do you want an attorney who is going to put your children first, and considers each child’s needs as “special” when formulating any parent plan?
Ronne will never advocate a position which is not in your child’s best interests. Each child has unique needs, and a parenting plan should not be “one size fits all”. Ronne works diligently to develop parenting plans that will “grow” with the child, so as to diminish the need for going back to court to modify the parenting plan.

Do you want an aggressive attorney who will “fight” for everything on your list or someone who will assist you in prioritizing those issues that are most important and help you to “let go” of the small stuff?
As an experienced family law attorney, Ronne knows first-hand that it is highly unusual for one party to “get” everything they want. A good settlement is for each party to “get” what is most important to them. Ronne will listen and advise you which items on your “wish list” should be most important – in the long run, and which items are not worth fighting about.

Do you want an attorney that will advise you on the most cost-efficient use of your financial resources to resolve your family law matter?
Family law litigation can become expensive in a very short time frame. Ronne will assist you in setting your priorities so that you are not adding unnecessary extras that will not yield the results you desire. You will receive detailed itemized statements each month that specifies all work performed on your behalf.

Do you want an attorney who will involve you in each stage of the legal process and prepare you so that you will not be surprised during mediation, a deposition, settlement conference or trial ?
Ronne believes strongly that client’s need to know exactly what is going on in their case at all times. It is the policy of the office to have all correspondence to opposing counsel, arbitrators, the court approved by the client prior to transmission. Remember, it is your matter and your life. A lawyer is the “technician” but you have to live forever with the results.

Is it important to you that your soon to be ex-spouse be treated with dignity by your attorney?
Many clients (especially those with children) are aware that the allegation which occurs during the divorce litigation doesn’t stay in the court file. It is not uncommon for family members (and strangers) to gain access to the entire court file, including depositions. Do you want to “win” with your lawyer “playing dirty tricks” (such as producing documents with illegible pages or not returning phone calls) on your spouse’s attorney. These practices are not acceptable to Ronne. Ronne will never mislead the court, opposing counsel or any court appointed guardian ad litem. at specifies all work performed on your behalf.

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