Custody and Visitation

During the divorce process, deciding which parent is the parent to have primary physical custody of the children is one of the most difficult decisions a couple can agree upon. Primary physical custody is the set of parental responsibilities regarding day-to-day care in addition to the rights to direct the child’s daily activities, while legal custody is the set of rights and responsibilities regarding the child’s upbringing. As a family law attorney firm, we routinely work with child psychologists, parenting coordinators, guardians ad litem and other mental health professions to develop parenting plans which are in the best interests of the children. In the best of all situations, an agreement can be made without the need of court intervention. The agreement reached by the parties (either with the assistance of a mediator, arbitrator, or the parties respective attorneys or by the parties alone) can then be incorporated into the Parenting Plan and Final Judgment and Decree.

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