Guardian Ad Litem

Q: How Does the Guardian Ad Litem Obtain the Information Needed to Make Recommendations to the Court?

The GAL must conduct a thorough investigation of all of the allegations each party has made and determine their validity and the impact of the allegations on the children.   A GAL is in many ways “the eyes and ears” of the court.  The GAL must review all documents available concerning the parents and the child which can have an impact on custody.  It is routine for the GAL to have each party sign a release to obtain all medical files.  This includes psychological files.

It is very common for a GAL to provide a questionnaire to each party at the beginning of their involvement.  Complete each item as best as you can and then have your attorney review it before sending to the GAL.

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One thought on “Guardian Ad Litem

  1. Ken

    I have just read the Guardian Ad litems report and it is full of provable inaccuracies. More importantly I have an email that says the following, which to me is proof that my ex’s lawyer lied to the GAL.

    Just a quick note to let you know that (My ex’s lawyer, name removed) has acknowledged that the “out of the picture” characterization was incorrect and not what should have communicated to me( The GAL). ( name removed, my ex) didn’t communicate those words to him so … just wanted to pass that along……

    I think that is enough to show cause that my ex’s lawyer lied with the mis characterization. This was only caught because it was in a series of emails and I dont think it was suppose to be included.

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